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Exclusive Gala Christmas Concert at 10th Anniversary of EROIKA with Symphony Orchestra and Children's Choir, conductor Patrik Greblo

Friday, 23th of  December at 19:30

VENUE: Concert hall at Grand Hotel Union Ljubljana, Miklošičeva 1, Ljubljana

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Matjaz Robavs (baritone), Aljaz Farasin (tenor) and Metod  Žunec (tenor) are gathred in a Group EROIKA, in December this year they are celebrating  ten years of Enriching music world with cover versions of timeless hits in pop opera genre.
Three exceptional vocalists, who are already with their debut album "Eroika" conquered the audience in Slovenia and wider, and with their second music Album "Nad mestom se dani"  and with third Album »Življenje« (ang. Life) they finali expand their circle of fans and won many people and gained a lot of fans.
After a huge success in their adaptation of some very popular songs,  mostly Slovenian (Ko mene več  ne bo, Solinar, Dan ljubezni, Nad mestom se dani, Julija and Croatian Song Ti si mi u krvi)  they made many forgotten songs - hits again.
The sophisticated combination which we like to call pop opera genre and recognizable interpretation of Eroika, many fans of that kind of music compare with a world-famous musicians gathered in IL DIVO.
This year Eroika performs at music festival »Slovenska popevka« (ang. Slovenian song contest) with song »Za vse življenje« (ang. For all my life), a song became a big hit in Slovenia, that made Eroika firmly on the top of Slovenian music scene.
Eroika won many music awards in past 10 years, specialy  for excellent sales of music albums, they won also Slovenian Awords for Populariry twice.
This summer EROIKA had successful concert tour on Slovenian castles. which shows their popularity, some of the concerts venues were sold out already couple days berofe concerts, visitors were enchanted.
Thisi summer tour on Slovenian castles were just a Magnificent introduction in Celebrating of 10 years anniversary, which is not just a number but a compliment, since Eroika was in these ten years constantly presented on stages all over Slovenia and wider.
So Magnificent Anniversary should be celebrated with a Gala Christmas Concert accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra and Conductor Patrik Greblo.


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