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The fourth cultural-business event for successful businessmen from Celje and its surroundings, with a charitable note

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The cultural-business event is organised by two companies RTA Agency and the Public Institute for Cultural Events and Tourism Celeia Celje, for the fourth year in a row already, every year before the start of the Advent season.

It is a cultural-business event for successful businessmen from Celje and its surroundings where the businessmen of Celje, their colleagues and business partners are invited to socialize with each other. The event has a charitable note, we are gathering funds for Christmas presents for families, children and elderly from the Municipality of Celje, who are in distress. 

The event will take place on Saturday, 2nd December 2017, at 6:30 pm in Celjski dom in Celje.

We will listen to a concert titled “Festive Erioka”, the producers of Eroika will present a young pop opera group Erioka Aromatika that will perform the most beautiful compositions of festive Eroika with the accompaniment of Youth Symphony Orchestra of Music School Celje and the conductor Matjaž Brežnik. 

Dinner and socializing will follow in the side halls of Celjski dom after the concert. 


As part of the preparations for the event we invite businessmen to donate, the companies donate in accordance with their abilities, the donations converge to the account of the Public Institute for Cultural Events and Tourism Celeia Celje.

We organized the cultural-business event for the first time in 2014 and collected more than 13.000 €, enabling us to provide presents for 304 children. In 2015, we collected 13.760 € and brought presents to 344 children, whereas last year, we collected over 16.000 € and provided gifts for more than 400 children. 

The entire amount of the donations is converted to gift vouchers for shopping in the city centre of Celje “Let’s meet in the city”, the recipients can shop in more than 40 stores and commercial premises in the city centre of Celje, which also furthers our efforts for revival of the city centre of Celje. 

We were able to bring presents to children at the suggestion of headmasters of primary schools and kindergartens from the Municipality of Celje in the past three years, while this year we will in association with Diocesan Karitas Celje provide gifts to families, children and the elderly in financial distress and in need of our help. 

We wish to collect more than 20.000 € this year, making it possible to provide presents for 500 people in distress, by giving them gift vouchers in the amount of 40 € and by doing so making their holidays a little nicer. 

We encourage you to contact us for any additional information, Katarina Karlovšek, phone 03 828 00 50, e-mail address: #EM#6b607662766c6866487b7e6a227e67#EM#

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