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Katarina Karlovšek, the founder of company RTA, decided to start an independent career path 15 years ago, after graduating from GEA College, The First Business Faculty in Slovenia. Previously, she worked in a private retail company for six years, dealing with branch office management and real estate management. She was employed as a business secretary in Tehnounion, the importer of BMW vehicles for two years, and another two years as a business secretary to the chairman of the board in S&T Slovenija, the leading IT company in the country at the time. 

15 years ago...
Katarina Karlovšek decided to start an independent career path ten years ago and founded a company INNINI, organisation and execution of events; with FUJIFILM SLOVENIJE as her first client with whom she collaborated splendidly for several years. 
At the beginning of her business path she was mainly involved in organisation and execution of private events, with emphasis on events for children. 

First steps forward...
Shortly after founding her own company, Katarina Karlovšek realized that broadening the range of activities is a must, so she started offering event PR support and also began to take on bigger and more demanding events. She has educated herself in the field of public relations with special focus on media relations. She expanded the initial range of activities by offering public relations management services as well as wedding planning services, which she was successfully carrying out for several years. 

First bigger projects ...
Incorporation of a new activity, namely public relations management, brought her larger and more demanding clients, public institutions and political parties. 
2007 – A very challenging and hardworking period follows
For years to come, Katarina Karlovšek dedicated herself to the clients whom she managed public relations for. This literally rooted Katarina to her working chair, because she was writing days and nights. Through her work, Katarina experienced a bit of politics, that at first attracted her, but after several years of interactions in the field, she refuses to return to these activities. 
2010 – Love for music and visual arts greatly affects work
A turning point, an exceptionally successful organisation of an EROIKA concert in one of the biggest halls in Slovenia and organisation of more than 50 art exhibitions
Katarina Karlovšek started to think about redirecting her line of business to music, visual arts and cultural heritage very soon after completing her first larger and more successful projects. 
This turned out to be the right decision shortly after, as some excellent projects linked to Katarina's love for arts followed. In this period of time, Katarina renames her company to RTA agency. Numerous outstanding executions of musical concerts with the biggest celebrities on the Slovenian musical scene follow, Katarina for the first time presents herself in the role of a music producer. She unites a 60-member symphonic orchestra, chorus and three best solos in Slovenia, trio EROIKA on the stage. 
2012 – A turning point: cooperation with Indian film and TV production
In 2012, Katarina is on a business trip in India, where she meets Mr. Natarajana Ramji, an important and influential location manager for the entire Indian film production. She excited him about the beauties of Slovenia and a fruitful cooperation in the field of shooting Indian films, TV series and commercials in Slovenia arises for RTA agency in the years to come. Katarina also establishes a cooperation in the area of tourism, several new opportunities arise, she cooperates with Slovenian companies entering Indian market and assists Indian investors with seeking for solid business opportunities and real estate in Slovenia. 
In the meantime, Katarina visits all of the most important producers in Bollywood (Mumbai) and begins to dream about bringing the biggest Bollywood celebrity, Shah Rukh Khan to Slovenia and about leading the shooting as the line producer. 
Meanwhile, Katarina leads the shooting of the first Indian TV series recorded in Europe, leads the shooting also in Venice and organizes the recording of commercials for Indian and European clients. Katarina collaborates with the biggest names in the Indian film production industry (Ram Charan, Kajal Aggarwal, Chota K. Naidu, Akkineni Nagarjuna, Upendra Kumar, Kriti Karba, Sameer Reddy, Brinda Dance Master, Sadhu Kokila, Arjun Janya, Imran Sardhariya, D. V. V. Danayya ...). 

2015 – New foreign markets
In this period of time, Katarina Karlovšek diligently prepares different music projects that she wishes to present on foreign markets and at the same time devotes herself to the execution of different business services for foreign companies in Slovenia. A cooperation with Serbia, Russia and Czech Republic begins and the first steps in the field of sports communication are taken ... 

2018 – Lounching our own brand Slovenian Ornament by JK
The trademark »Slovenski ornament Jože Karlovšek« (Slovenian Ornament Jože Karlovšek) preserves Slovenian cultural heritage; the products are made in Slovenia, mostly at known and quality Slovenian manufacturers. 
Our vision is WORLDWIDE business and every day discovering new business opportunities.

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