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Launching of a new brand Slovenian Ornaments J. Karlovšek

KARornamentBAR (Custom)

Jože Karlovšek (1900-1963) was a tireless researcher and an expert in ornament making and Slovenian building heritage. He was an explorer of folk art, a construction worker as well as painter and dedicated all his life to researching and drawing Slovenian ornaments.

New collection offers a fountain pen, a bookmarker, a pen, a business card holder, a calligraphic pen, a notebook and a reading diary, all with the painting of the Slovenian ornament Jože Karlovek.

The notebook and the reading diary were published by Založba Mohorjeva družba. All products are avaible at the Mohorjeva založba in Celje and Ljubljana, and at many other shops around Slovenia. 

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IMG 2637 (Custom)

KARornamentBAR (Custom)

IMG 1784 (Custom)

IMG 1496 (Custom)

IMG 1707 (Custom)

IMG 2798 (Custom)

roler2 (Custom)

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IMG 2813 (Custom)

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