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Slovenia is once again featured in an Indian film

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The love drama Bharjaji premiered in India on the 15th of September. In Slovenia, two songs, in which the two main actors are dancing and singing, were recorded by a 30-member film cast, and are included in the film. When recording songs, filmmakers search for beautiful locations across the world, and Slovenia has already become a well-known location for Indian film production, which is also a great opportunity for the promotion of Slovenia and its tourism, as it's known that Indian tourists like to travel to the destinations they see in films. This time, filming took place in Štanjel, Kamnik, Ljubljana, on the Celje Castle, and on the Sevnica Castle.

 Below is a link to the part of the film that was filmed in Slovenia

 Katarina Kalovšek, the head of filming, said, »The Indian film production is one of the few foreign productions that has been regularly filming in Slovenia for many years now, which is, in fact, great promotion of Slovenia in India because I always carefully pick the most beautiful locations for filming. With our latest film, which we filmed in June, we have excelled in doing this, and Slovenia shines in a film once again. Indians also know how to excellently set up cameras. Next year, we're planning to film at least three films, the first one right after the New Year. Our vision is for Slovenia to become the center for filming Indian films in Europe. It's great, though, that we have so many beautiful locations here in Slovenia, with which we can impress Indian producers again and again.«   contact: #EM#6b607662766c6866487b7e6a227e67#EM#,

 While filming, the dancers from the dance group X Dance from Ljubljana told the Zvezda magazine, »We never thought that we'd be a part of such a project and this big of a production. Everything was well taken care of, and every member of the group had their role, which they performed very professionally, but we were impressed by their casualness and openness. They tried to call us by our names, in which they didn't always succeed. Some of us got one or more distorted versions of their name, because of which there was a lot of laughter.

 Haris Mushtaq, a line producer from India, who regularly comes to Slovenia with his filming groups, said, »The budget of Bharjari was 1.6 million Euros, and until now, the film has already earned 3 million Euros, and it's still being played. When filming the movie, I worked as a line producer. When they start talking about Slovenia, I get overwhelmed by thoughts of its beauty and hospitality. We've been excellently collaborating with the RTA Agency, which always does its job to perfection. Even though we've already filmed a lot of projects in Slovenia, I'm certain that a long and successful collaboration awaits us and at the moment, we're already discussing several upcoming projects with Katarina. Thank you, Slovenia, and thank you, Katarina.«

 Vladimira Skale, from the V.S. production, which has already been involved in filming as a casting agency on several occasions, said, on this occasion, »The film production has a great dimension of cooperation, connection, and opportunities for the promotion of places, individual products, service activities, etc. Good producers are the ones who have breadth, a quick response, and are reliable, diligent and responsible partners. This is something that the RTA Agency is, and it places them at the top for opportunities for the Slovenian area and for working with the Indian film production. It's difficult to gain the trust of foreign producers to bring a whole film crew to Slovenia... Katarina Karlovšek, from the RTA agency, is succeeding.«

Below are some links to the movie in Indian media:


Name of the movie: BHARJARI

Main actor: Dhruva Kumar Vijaya (Screen Name: Dhruva Sarja)

Actress: BINDIYA RAM (Screen Name: Rachita Ram)

Actress 2: SHRUTHI Chandrasena (Screen Name: Hari Priya)

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