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The fundraising campaign of the Celeia Celje Institute and the RTA Agency has successfully ended in Celje

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Celje, 18 December 2017 – Since August this year, a fundraising campaign, which has already been carried out by the Celeia Celje Institute and the RTA Agency for the past four years, has been held in Celje. This year, the fundraising campaign was carried out in co-operation with the Diocesan Caritas Celje. In the past three years, we have raised 43,024 Euros and gifted 1051 children.

The campaign, of which the proceeds are entirely intended for the help of children, families, and the elderly in need, reached its peak on Saturday, December 2, at a cultural-business event in Celje Hall, where the final amount of raised funds was also presented. This year, this amounted to 25,360 Euros. More than 80 donors from the private and public sectors of Celje participated in the event, as well as individuals who raised an additional 1,600 Euros for the Society of Paraplegics from southwestern Styria, which is seeking to purchase a new, wheelchair-accessible van. They also auctioned off the kimono of golden Olympian Tina Trestenjak, which the athlete donated to the aforementioned society. The highest bid for the kimono was by the director of Eurotas Hotels d. o. o., Zoran Podkoritnik, on behalf of the company.

On Monday, 11 December 2017, Katarina Karlovšek (director of RTA Agency) and Tadeja Falnoga, from the city marketing of the Celeia Celje Institute, visited the headquarters of the Diocesan Caritas Celje and gave the representatives the city gift vouchers »We Meet in the City« worth 25,360 Euros. This month, the representatives of the Diocesan Caritas Celje will distribute the gift vouchers for shopping in shopping centres in the centre of Celje to those individuals and families who need the most help. Each individual will get a voucher worth 40 Euros.

Katarina Karlovšek from the RTA Agency said, on this occasion: »The number of funds raised surprised all of our expectations, and we are really glad that we'll endow 634 individuals with gift vouchers. In addition to shops, there are museums, hairdressers, theatres, pharmacies, photo service providers and cafes, which is really great, as the individuals will be able to choose exactly what they want. I would sincerely wish to thank more than 80 companies and individuals who donated, and of course the Diocesan Caritas Celje, which is already carefully giving out gift voucher to those children, families, and elders, whom this gift will beautify their holidays. Of course, despite the fact we've just finished this year's campaign, we're already thinking about next year's fundraising campaign, which will reach its peak on December 1, 2018, with a cultural-business event for successful people from various fields of social life in Celje. But before that, a pleasant task awaits us, namely a visit and giving thanks to all of our donors, which we will accompany with good wishes for the coming year. The fundraising campaign wasn't exposed to the media. We all help to beautify the holidays for the people in need.«

Milena Čeko Pungartnik, the director of the Celeia Celje Institute, said: »I am very happy and pleased that we've once again been able to raise funds to help the children, families, and elderly, who are in need. The number of funds we've collected this year surprised everyone involved in the project. On this occasion, I would like to thank everybody who has made the success of this campaign possible by donating funds. The Celeia Celje Institute has been involved in the project since the very beginning. We are in favor of the humanitarian note of the project, with which we help our fellow citizens, who are needy.«

Matej Pirnat, Secretary-General of the Diocesan Caritas Celje, said, among other things: »We are grateful for the trust shown, and almost moved by the number of funds that were collected. On behalf of all those who are receiving gift vouchers these days, we sincerely thank both the organisers and the donors for their efforts and selfless help. These days, we'll turn on new lights in the grateful eyes of those citizens, who are in need of our help, lights of cheerfulness and hope that, despite the hardships and difficulties of everyday life, we still live among good, noble, and generous people.

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