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The trademark »Slovenski ornament


In Slovenia, there is no-one who occupied themselves with the Slovenian ornament as systematically as Jože Karlovšek. Jože Karlovšek (1900–1963) was an indefatigable researcher and expert on ornamentation and Slovenian architectural heritage, he dedicated his life to the research and evolution of the Slovenian ornament.

Our ornament has its tradition and history. It has evolved and supplemented itself with Slovenian life to this day. Around the world, ornaments are an expression of local culture, and present the priceless value of ethnic contents. The roots of the Slovenian ornament can be traced back even to the old Proto-Slavic world. People were paying attention to the neatness of their homes, useful products, and clothes. The world of motifs revolved around their everyday lives; they chiefly used shapes from nature: grapevines, carnations, tulips, roses, birds, the heart.

In his research and exploration of ornamentation, Karlovšek touches upon the oldest cultures of around 4000 B.C., and observes it through Greek art and Roman culture, mediaeval art, and focuses on the ornamental art of the East. Karlovšek also deals with migration of people, which is reflected in the ornament, and touches upon Chinese and Indian ornamentation, and their role in relation to Slovenian ornamentation.

Karlovšek was unbelievably exhaustive in dealing with the development of not only the Slovenian ornament, but also the ornament in a general sense. He starts observing it from its beginnings in the Palaeolithic, 2.6 million years ago.

The Jože Karlovšek Ornament collection is continuing his work and is preserving our rich cultural heritage of the Slovenian ornament. This is something that is purely ours, Slovenian, and something that warms our hearts, even though we do not even know exactly why. This is what is in our blood. The Slovenian Ornament Jože Karlovšek brand is proudly preserving the cultural heritage of Slovenia.

We bring Slovenian ornaments out of oblivion, as they are an important part of our cultural heritage. Slovenian ornaments are works of fine art and something we want to familiarise the modern man with. The collection is synonymous with beauty and luxury.

Art historian Prof. Dr. Nace Šumi ranked Karlovšek amongst the most creative Slovenians.

Prof. Dr. Janez Bogataj wrote about the Slovenian Ornament Jože Karlovšek collection, among other things, saying: »The RTA Agency has enriched the market of business and protocol gifts, souvenirs, and useful products with a collection we were not familiar with before, both in content and applicative range. In the souvenir and gift offers of Slovenia, this collection fills the gap with products that are not »dust catchers«, but, with their forms, contents, and usefulness, exemplarily present both the cultural heritage of Slovenia and the efforts in the fields of contemporary creativity.

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