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Young pop opera trio Eroika Aromatika


The story of Eroika has a new chapter, the flirting of classics with relaxed pop, aromatically spiced in the expectation of beauty. 
The harmony of music, well-being, and beauty. The notes we hear, the notes we feel. 
Memories, memories of youth, beautiful times, and known places. Already heard, already experienced, desired, and expected. Nostalgia with a taste of youth, fresh energy, and aromatic experience. 

Eroika Aromatika

Miha Zabret, a doctor who relieves pain with singing and brightens the patients' days. His specialization is the surgical and non-surgical treatment of everything between the forehead and the lower part of the neck. This part is also his trump card because it's difficult to decide between a medical and singing profession. He insisted on both, and in addition to a medical faculty, he completed multi-year solo-singing education with recognized professors at home and abroad. 

 Mihael Strniša, a professor of music who makes people smile and invites them to dance with his accordion and singing. The professor of solo singing transfers knowledge to young generations. He travels a lot because he performs abroad as well as at home, and is the recipient of many international awards. His accordion keeps him company, as it's his second passion, and this is why he is studying accordion abroad as well as studying solo singing. The charm of solo singing and tango and the giving of gentle feelings and fervent passion are his specialties. 

 Gašper Banovec, a solo singer who brightens people's days and spices up evenings with his singing in the Philharmonic, opera, or chamber choir. The regular member of the Slovenian Philharmonic Choir also performs in opera as a soloist, and for the heart and soul, he also sings in the chamber choir and works as a repetiteur. He also sang in a vocal group, travelled the whole world, and was successful in many international competitions. His height is his added value, in terms of vocal range and appearance. An ingenious combination of talent, beauty, refinement, vocal abilities, and best-selling in the pop opera genre is the eternal formula for the success of the story of Eroika. Eroika Aromatika is spiced with youth. New opportunities and shades of the familiar everyday life, this is the spice of life.

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